BSIB Destination: France

Study in the heart of France's Champagne district

NEOMA Business School in France

D'Amore-Mckim's BS in International Business partner in France is the CESEM program at NEOMA Business School. NEOMA Business School is a state-recognized and fully accredited Business School in the French Higher Education sector, affiliated with the Reims & Epernay Chamber of Commerce. The school was founded in 1928; there are approximately 2200 students on campus, of whom about 30% are international.

Created in 1974, CESEM (Centre d'Etudes Supérieures Européennes de Management) prepares its students for careers in international management. CESEM is the most internationally focused of the undergraduate programs at Reims Management School.

Students complete the entire third year CESEM curriculum, including such classes as International Economics, International Marketing, International Finance, EU Policy, Business Ethics, French Language, Strategic Marketing. All class instruction is conducted in French.

The program is located in the city of Reims, in the heart of France's Champagne district. The city of Reims dates back to Roman times and is about 90 minutes northeast of Paris. Reims is a city of charming street markets, magnificent cathedrals, superb restaurants and quaint cafes.