Degree Structure

Students complete in-depth study of international business, take courses in principal fields of business, and choose one or more concentrations. Students may study a language and/or choose to complete one of the internationally focused minors. Their choice of destination determines the country where they will spend their expatriate year, studying business courses and completing a co-op.

Flexible Degree Options

  • Choice of 4 or 5 year program
  • Dynamic curriculum
  • Choose timing of the expatriate year (either year 3 or 4)
  • Option of 2 or 3 co-op experiences (one overseas co-op is required)
  • Possibility of a dual degree
  • PlusOne options: BSIB/MS Accounting, BSIB/MS Finance, BSIB/MS International Management

Dual Degree

Students studying at the partner schools in BrazilFrance, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain or the United Kingdom have the option to complete a dual degree.

  • First three years of study at Northeastern
  • Complete a domestic co-op placement
  • Remaining two years overseas at a partner institution
  • Complete course work and an international co-op placement
  • Graduates receive the BSIB degree from Northeastern and the equivalent undergraduate degree from the partner school

The dual degree option is an intensive program requiring a strong commitment. In return, it produces some of the best-prepared international business graduates in the country.

With a two year immersion:

  • depth of language and culture immersion increases
  • language proficiency excels
  • further expertise in navigating the local culture develops
  • graduates enter the workforce as true global citizens
  • the ability to move smoothly from one context to another is solidified