BSIB Degree Options

Create Your Own Path Set your own schedule as you work through our in-depth international business curriculum, taking courses in the principal fields of business and choosing among our seven business concentrations. You'll also choose your destination for international immersion from a wide variety of locations.

A Flexible Degree Path

Choose between the 4 or 5 year program.

Pick courses and concentrations within our dynamic curriculum.

Option of 2 or 3 Co-op experiences.

Chose your international experiences (a total of 1 year is required):

  • Option 1: One fall or spring semester of study at traditional IB partners and one 6-month international co-op.
     - Course work is completed in the language of the host country with English language options.
     - Business-based curriculum offerings.
     - International Co-op assistance via the IB partner school or the D'Amore-McKim Co-op department.
  • Option 2: One fall or spring semester of study via Global Experience Office (GEO) partnerships and one 6-month international co-op.
     - Course work is generally taught in English.
     - A wide variety of subjects are offered; not always business focused.
     - International Co-op assistance via the D'Amore-McKim Co-op department.
  • Option 3: Two fall or spring semesters of study at traditional IB partners or via the Global Experience Office partnerships.
     - Any combination of two full academic semesters is possible

Consider dual degree and PlusOne options.

The Dual Degree Option

Should you opt to study abroad at one of the traditional IB partners in either Brazil, France, Germany, IrelandItaly, Mexico, Spain, or the United Kingdom, you'll have the option to complete a dual degree. You'll receive both the BSIB degree from Northeastern and the equivalent undergraduate degree from the partner school.

  • Complete your two or three years of study at Northeastern.
  • Fulfill a domestic co-op experience.
  • Spend two years at the partner institution completing course work and an international Co-op placement.

The dual degree option is an intensive program requiring a strong commitment. But in return, you'll be among the best-prepared international business graduates in the country. The benefits of a two-year immersion include:

  • Your depth of language and culture immersion increases.
  • Your language proficiency excels.
  • You'll expertise in navigating the local culture develops greatly.
  • You'll enter the workforce as a true global citizen.
  • Your ability to move smoothly from one context to another is solidified.