Marketing (MKTG)

A business not only designs and manufactures products, but also markets and sells them to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. All the activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer are classified as marketing concerns. Once an organization determines a customer's needs and wants, its first objective is to produce goods or services to satisfy that particular consumer. Essential in all types of businesses are product design, research, pricing, packaging, transportation, advertising, selling, and servicing.

The concentration in marketing is designed to familiarize students with the marketing process and to provide them with the theoretical concepts, skills, and tools necessary to successfully enter and advance in one of many possible career paths. Students learn to evaluate consumer behavior, employ advertising principles, utilize market research and testing, and develop ways to position products and services in a favorable light. They also explore the changing economic, political, legal, ethical, and cultural contexts in which marketing strategies must be developed.

Students may select courses that lead to one of many career paths within marketing: product or brand management, marketing research, advertising management, retail management, sales management, or international marketing management.

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