Management (MGMT)

Managing - whether it's people, projects or programs, is challenging. It requires a considerable range of knowledge and skills. Effective managers must know the business, be interpersonally competent, behave ethically and diagnose human and organizational dynamics. Students in the Management concentration increase their knowledge of good management practices- they learn principles of motivation, communication, leadership, employee learning, organizational change and their impact on business results.

Additionally, students must also improve their managing skills. Simply said, they need to learn "how to". It is one thing to learn about the principles of effective feedback (or negotiation or motivation or teams, etc.), and a very different thing to give productive feedback, negotiate effectively and manage a team. The aim of the management concentration is both to increase knowledge of management, so that students have a strong substantive "core", and to increase management skills.

The curriculum offers courses in a range of relevant management topics. Some of the courses, including the required core course, are primarily skills-oriented; they teach "how to." Others are more content-oriented; they teach "about management." To enable students to gain exposure to a broad scope of management topics and issues, some of the courses consist of two topics, each of which is a half semester course.

For more information, please visit the Management and Organizational Development Group.