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MS in Technological Entrepreneurship

How do you create a startup based on a truly innovative idea,
in a way that excites customers and creates exceptional value?

Dana Arsani

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Entrepreneurial Know-How

To achieve success, you need more than just a good idea. You need entrepreneurial know-how to create new product lines and services from innovations, strong business models, go-to-market strategies, and business plans for investors. The D’Amore-McKim MS in Technological Entrepreneurship is an immersion in the frameworks and methods needed for successful entrepreneurship.

At its core, MSTE is experiential. You will be encouraged to start companies and help coach other startups within our on-campus accelerator, IDEA, while also learning how to:

  • Segment customers, differentiate users and buyers, and delve into their respective needs
  • Translate needs into new designs for products and services
  • Rapidly prototype these designs
  • Explore business models and construct financial projections
  • Craft business plans and pitches for investors

In fact, D'Amore-McKim's entrepreneurship graduate programs are ranked 13 among the Top Schools for Graduate Entrepreneurship of 2018." in The Princeton Review. There's no better place to explore entrepreneurship and further investigate the potential of your new venture ideas.


Real Experience, Real Skills.


IDEA: A Student-Run Venture Accelerator

Starting your own business venture? Work with mentors, access financial support, and seek additional help in areas like marketing and communications. IDEA can help you bring your idea to life.

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