Core Coursework

Course Name Course Description
Introduction to Business Analytics Learn how a company uses business analytics effectively. This course provides a comprehensive approach to understanding how business analytics enables companies to become more competitive.
Foundations of Data Analysis Discover the core techniques involved with Business Analytics. This course covers basic principles and techniques of descriptive and predictive analytics. Topics include descriptive statistics, data visualization, probability and modeling uncertainty, sampling, analysis of variance, time series analysis, and forecasting.
Business Analytics Methods This course introduces key analytics methods for using data through the perspectives of applied statistics and operations analysis. Learn to apply these methods to business areas including marketing, supply chain management, and finance.
Information Design & Management Learn to design and manage information strategically for business. This course covers contemporary data management and design practices for business strategy and performance. Topics include enterprise data management, business intelligence and analytics tools. Students will learn to use various user-friendly database management, retrieval and dashboard software tools.
Information Visualization for Business Develop the ability to communicate using data. Topics include visualization techniques and methods used within business environments. Students will learn to use various software tools to explore effective and creative ways of visually communicating data analysis.
Advanced Data Mining for Business Learn how to analyze and mine data at an advanced level. This course provides perspective, techniques and methods for data mining in the business world. Students will apply machine learning and data mining techniques to real-world data and examples.
Capstone This course utilizes all concepts and methods covered in previous coursework to implement a real business project. Emphasizing experiential learning, the course will include a customized real-world project with a student’s career goal in mind.

Marketing Track Courses: 3 Courses

Course Name Course Description
M1. Customer Analysis Discover how best to analyze and keep customers. This course focuses on building key knowledge and skills to profitably acquire, satisfy, and retain customers. Students will have an opportunity to learn how to choose which customer markets to pursue, identify benefits that are valued by customers, and develop a product or service.
M2. Marketing Research Methods This course focuses on the marketing research process and the analysis of data using industry standard statistical software applications. Students will develop an understanding of consumer attitudes and behavior processes as the basis for resolving marketing problems.
M3. Analytics Modeling for Marketing This course focuses on contemporary marketing analytics perspectives and techniques.

*The curriculum is subject to change by D’Amore-McKim faculty. Please monitor for updates.