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Full-time Job Offer Rate for Recent Graduates

Over the past 4 years, 98% of graduates with authorization to work in the US have accepted full time job offers in the accounting field.



MS in Accounting
Audience Designed for undergraduate accounting majors who want to become licensed CPAs.

The majority of our students enroll in this program directly after completing their undergraduate degree in accounting. About half of our students start the program with a job offer that is contingent on their completing the 30 credit course of graduate study.
Program Type Full-Time
Unique Features
  • The MS in Accounting is an opportunity to study at a U.S. News and World Report ranked top 40 U.S. research university.
  • This accelerated program is designed for emerging accounting professionals to prepare for the CPA exam. Your master’s degree can be completed in as little as two semesters or 7 months.
  • Optional specialization in either Audit or Tax.
  • Cohort based program offers smaller class sizes, camaraderie and opportunities to build your future network
  • Upon successful completion of your MS in Accounting program, you may have the option to apply your credits to eligible MBA programs at Northeastern University.
  • With our MS in Accounting, you will strengthen your all-important network. You will have the chance to network of more than 2,000 alumni working as accounting professionals nationwide.
Class Size 60 to 70 students annually
GMAT Average 578 * GMAT waivers are available for those with a 3.0 GPA + 3.25 Accounting GPA. Work experience waiver determined on a case by case basis.
GPA 3.45 Overall GPA
3.4 Accounting GPA
Gender Distribution 51% Female, 49% Male
Ethnic Diversity 1% American Indian or Alaskan Native
2% Black/African American
43% Asian
53% White
Average Work Experience <1 year
Undergraduate Major Requirement Accounting
Class Begins Late May

Northeastern University undergraduate accounting majors may begin their MS in Accounting in the last year of their undergraduate studies or immediately following their undergraduate graduation.
Class Location Boston, MA
Class Schedule Monday through Thursday and some evenings
Program Structure Curriculum is comprised of 15 core curriculum credits and 15 credits within your choice of focus in either Audit or Tax.
Credit Hours 30 semester credits.
Time to Complete 7 to 12 months. Most students complete the program in two semesters.
Graduation Degrees are conferred two times per year in December and August after students complete their required coursework. The graduation ceremony is held annually in August for all graduates from that calendar year.
Tuition Costs and Fees Please visit the Northeastern Student Financial Services page. Click the dropdown under “Graduate Programs” and you will find the rate next to “Business Administration."
Where do I apply? Apply Online
GMAT/GRE Required? Yes. GMAT waivers are available for those with a 3.0 GPA + 3.25 Accounting GPA. Work experience waiver determined on a case by case basis.
Interview Required? By Invitation