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Part-Time MBA Class Profile

Meet your future classmates Your classmates are the foundation of your network. They will share your experience and understand your ambitions. Your classmates will elevate your learning and help you grow. Together, you will engage in a real-world business education designed for ambitious professionals.

Class Composition
Women 40%
Men 60%
Ethnic Diversity 24% of incoming students are traditionally under-represented minorities.

21% of incoming students were born in countries other than the United States.
Work Experience (average) 6 years
GMAT (average) 592
Undergraduate GPA (average) 3.3


Undergraduate Degrees Held

40% Business

30% Liberal Arts

13% Engineering

9% Sciences

8% IT



Work Experience by Industry
Financial Services 30%
Higher Education 16%
Consulting 11%
Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Health Care Products 8%
Health Care 6%
Non-Profit 6%
Petroleum/Energy 6%
Manufacturing 5%
Government 3%
Technology 3%
Hospitality 2%
Service 2%
Other 2%


What would you say to a prospective student considering D’Amore-McKim for their business degree?

David Sachenik"It is a great commitment, but the experience and relationships you gain from your peers and professors will last a lifetime. The professors at Northeastern are just as committed as you are and really want to see you apply what you learn at your current and future job positions.”

David Sachenik, MBA'18

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