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Mutual Fund Management

The future of fund management Further your analytical knowledge and develop unique approaches to performing managerial tasks related to the management and operations of mutual funds.

Program Details

To earn an Mutual Find Management MBA, students must complete the Part-Time MBA core curriculum and the required courses below.

The curriculum is subject to change by D’Amore-McKim faculty. Please monitor for updates.

Required Mutual Fund Management MBA Courses Details

Investment Analysis

Familiarizes students with domestic and international financial markets and the securities traded therein. Discusses a variety of techniques for valuation of financial assets and relies heavily on quantitative methods. Critically analyzes such qualitative concepts as market efficiency, intrinsic value, and risk. The contents of this course, descriptive, theoretical, and applied, should provide students with the ability to build unique valuation models to suit the particular investment alternative they wish to scrutinize. Also provides students with an understanding of how investment theory and investment practice relate.

3 credits


Portfolio Management

Develops portfolio construction, revision, and performance measurement. Highlights portfolio construction in an efficient capital market. Topics include risk-return analysis, the effects of diversification on risk reduction, and the costs of inflation, taxes, and transaction costs on fixed income and equity security portfolios. Examines financial models of capital asset pricing as the basis for the analysis of portfolios from the institutional investor’s viewpoint.

3 credits


Fund Management for Analysts*

Introduces a variety of operating documents typical to an active mutual fund. Offers students an opportunity to apply lessons from investment and portfolio management classes by presenting investment recommendations to a panel and communicating with peers in a thoughtful and forceful manner. Investment decisions are made based on student analysis and recommendations that include knowledge of macroeconomic expectations, corporate financing issues, dept-repayment concerns, and employee and technological changes. May be repeated up to three times.

1 credit


Fund Management for Managers*

Builds on FINA 6360 (Fund Management for Analysts). Designed to provide students further analytical knowledge, including exposure to and opportunity to perform managerial tasks related to the management and operation of mutual funds. Included in these tasks are reconsideration of the fund’s investment policy statement and asset allocation plan as well as preparation of accounting statements, dealing with compliance issues, addressing ethical concerns, measuring and managing risk, and performing marketing and fund-raising activities. May be repeated up to three times.

1 credit


* Student must choose between Fund Management for Analysts OR Fund Management for Managers

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