MBA in Healthcare Management

Make A Difference Along with challenging coursework and diverse and meaningful work experiences, our MBA in Healthcare Management creates promising employment opportunities. And, it provides all the tools you need to rise to the top and make a difference in this thriving, ever-evolving industry.

"I am a firm believer that the healthcare industry is one of the most rewarding and exciting fields in our society. Healthcare needs strong business minds and the D’Amore-McKim Healthcare Track will put students in a great position to make a real difference in the world."
Senior Analyst, Accenture

An MBA in Healthcare Management is only as valuable as the experience it brings. And this one brings a lot.

There is an incredible opportunity in healthcare for those who can rise to the occasion with the perfect balance of critical thinking and real world experience. And you will be ready with our Full-Time MBA career track in Healthcare Management.

Our program couples an academic deep dive into the intricacies of the health sector with real, hands-on experience through a paid, six-month residency in one of the largest, most vibrant, and highly regarded healthcare sectors in the world. And, you will build a network of mentors and peers that will continue with you in this growing industry.

In our program, you will gain the skills to become an innovative leader in an increasingly complex, growing, and transformative industry. No matter what sector of the industry you choose for your future career, you will be at the forefront. Courses in health informatics, healthcare supply chain, and healthcare systems engineering are taught by faculty with international recognition for cutting-edge research on issues central to improving the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare services and in healthcare management.

We give you a huge advantage over Master in Public Health and Master in Health Administration degrees with access to our outstanding health faculty as well as paid corporate residencies. These residencies are offered at world-class hospitals, physician organizations, accountable care organizations, health insurance providers, drug/biologic development, and delivery organizations and government regulatory agencies in Boston’s thriving healthcare marketplace.

Program Details

To earn a Healthcare Management MBA, students must complete the MBA core curriculum, corporate residency, global projects course, and 15 additional credit hours of track-specific coursework.

The curriculum is subject to change by D’Amore-McKim faculty. Please monitor for updates.

Required Healthcare Management MBA Courses Details

Health Organization Management

Covers key issues and introduces management principles in health organization management. Offers students an opportunity to apply important theoretical ideas, such as systems thinking and organizational learning, to meet challenges effectively, to learn how the healthcare workplace functions, and how to manage in these workplaces. Emphasizes case-based learning, critical thinking, and evidence-based management using individual and group projects. Introduces cutting-edge tools in areas such as work redesign, performance management, brand enhancement, and quality improvement. Addresses the management imperatives of today’s healthcare organizations and how to implement strategies and programs to meet those imperatives effectively. Intended for anyone interested in working or managing within the healthcare industry, including the field of public health.

3 credits


Strategic Management for Healthcare Organizations

Offers students an opportunity to understand general business strategy concepts as they relate to the healthcare industry. Explores how to analyze market opportunities and challenges as they apply to various healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, physician organizations, and nursing homes. Presents and discusses analytical frameworks for making strategic decisions, drawing on different disciplines, including economics, management, and psychology. Strategic issues include mergers and acquisitions, vertical integration, joint ventures and alliances, performance-control systems, and organizational design.

3 credits


Introduction to Health Informatics and Health Information Systems

Introduces the history and current status of information systems in healthcare: information architectures, administrative and clinical applications, evidence-based medicine, information retrieval, decision support systems, security and confidentiality, bioinformatics, information system cycles, the electronic health record, key health information systems and standards, and medical devices.

3 credits


Creation and Application of Medical Knowledge

Explores the relationship between clinical data and clinical knowledge and how both are developed and deployed in organizations to support improvements in patient care and research. Topics covered include what medical data is available and how it should be accessed, analyzed, and organized to support evidence-based medicine and research. Analyzes current and future approaches to clinical decision support and expert system development and how they can be deployed via new or existing knowledge-management infrastructures.

3 credits


Managing Healthcare Supply Chain Operations

Examines concepts and topics related to the design and management of supply chain operations in the healthcare sector. Focuses on activities and functions such as inventory control, order fulfillment, logistics, procurement, managing processes, relationship management, and information technology systems. Introduces various tools and techniques that enhance effective supply chain operations in healthcare organizations.

3 credits


Is the MBA in Healthcare Management Right for You?

If you see yourself emerging as a truly different person, the answer is yes. If you imagine a future where you can have a meaningful, relevant impact on the world of business, the answer is yes. If you’re ready to join people who think like you, now is the time to accelerate your career with our Full-Time MBA program.

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