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The best way to learn about the Executive MBA program is to hear about it from students and alumni. Check out the sources below to hear student and alumni feedback on the EMBA program and how it is helping them move their careers forward.

Amy O'Connor Amy O'Connor, EMBA '11
Senior Director of Analytics

“Northeastern’s Executive MBA program helped me become a stronger leader, a more forceful leader, and a global leader.At Nokia, I manage a distributed team in the United States, Finland, and India. When I decided to get my MBA, I knew I wanted an executive program that would help me to manage globally. Now I understand how my business fits in with the world economy. I’m a better communicator, a better delegator, and more confident in my decision making.”
Ted Kail, EMBA '11
Business Unit Head
Sightlines LLC

“The Executive MBA program gave me a level of confidence that I didn’t have before. When I started the program, my company was growing, and I wanted to take on new challenges. Upon graduation, I was asked to head up the acquisition of a small consulting firm for my company. This opportunity would not have come into play had I not completed Northeastern’s EMBA program.”
Ken Gibson Ken Gibson, EMBA '10
Managing Partner
Ursa Capital Management LLC

“What I learned in Northeastern’s Executive MBA program helped me expand my business into three new countries. The international residencies allowed me to meet face-to-face with business leaders and develop a greater understanding of global business. The network I built in the classroom as well as abroad has been a tremendous resource. Earning my Executive MBA at Northeastern has given me a strong foundation on which to build and continue to grow my business.”
Renee Murphy Renee Murphy, EMBA '07
Global Executive Recruiting Leader
EMC Corporation

“What I learned in Northeastern’s Executive MBA program has made me more professionally and personally courageous. The program pushed my thinking about leadership, my own leadership style, and management effectiveness. Since completing my Executive MBA, I have had the opportunity to take on new challenges and have been promoted several times. The reputation of the program and the visibility that it gave me within my company has most certainly helped me take my career to the next level.”
Mike Bonen, EMBA '10
Investment Consultant
Natixis Global Asset Management

“Northeastern’s Executive MBA helped me to pursue a new career path. When I started the program, I was working as an assistant vice president of global technical support, and I wanted to make a change. What I learned in Northeastern’s EMBA program catapulted me to the investment side of my firm. Today, I am an investment consultant, and I work with portfolio managers and chief economists across the globe.”
Michelle Paolino Michelle Paolino, EMBA '07
Vice President of Global Brand Strategy & Marketing
Hasbro, Inc.

“I started the Executive MBA program as a marketing director, and now I am the vice president of global brand strategy and marketing. I am responsible for finding the most relevant, fun brand expressions for girls ages three and up and bringing them to life, working closely with the talented designers and engineers at Hasbro. What I learned in the EMBA program has made me more curious, confident, and well-rounded. I have a level of credibility and a broader business understanding that I didn’t have before.”