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Rigorous Academics + Experiential Learning

Welcome to a truly unique model of business education, one that powerfully fuses world-class academics and meaningful business experience. Your program begins with one semester of MBA foundation courses that will form a basis for the rest of your program to build upon. As early as your second semester, you will be taking courses in finance, your selected concentration, electives, or even gaining credit for experiential learning opportunities. Six of your elective credits will be interdisciplinary—meaning that you will enroll in courses offered at other schools and colleges at Northeastern to ensure that you graduate prepared to meet the interdisciplinary needs of businesses today.

When you return to campus, you will be immersed once again in both finance and your concentration coursework, taking elective courses, and potentially participating in credit-bearing experiential and interdisciplinary activities.

Choose one concentration:

Full-Time MBA Analytics Concentration

Business Analytics

Build a sophisticated toolkit for decision-making based on data insights that can be applied to any industry or job function.

Full-Time MBA Corporate Innovation and Venturing Concentration

Corporate Innovation and Venturing

Explore how successful companies compete in the global marketplace through innovation by focusing on design thinking, creative product development, and emerging technologies.

Full-Time MBA Entrepreneurship Track


Tap into Northeastern's rich entrepreneurial ecosystem and get the skills and knowledge you'll need to innovate and lead in new and evolving markets.

Full-Time MBA Healthcare Management Track

Healthcare Management

Take an academic deep dive into the intricacies of healthcare and get MBA-level experience in Boston's vibrant, highly-regarded health sector.

Full-Time MBA International Business Concentration

International Business

Lead across cultural boundaries by analyzing the global business landscape and studying the underlying mechanisms for developing and expanding multinational corporations.

Full-Time MBA Leading People and Organizations Concentration

Leading People and Organizations

Dive into a high-level review of human resources strategies while mastering tactical tools and best practices to help you successfully manage a distributed workforce and achieve organizational goals.

Full-Time MBA Marketing Track


Dissect market strategy and research, brand and advertising management, consumer behavior, and more in this ever-evolving discipline.

Full-Time MBA Supply Chain Management Track

Supply Chain Management

Learn how to manage the supply chain, drive innovation, establish market differentiation, and boost bottom lines in this high-demand field.



Experiential Learning at D'Amore-McKim School of Business

The integration of academic thinking with experiential learning is fast becoming the proven method for developing the skills needed to meet today’s business world demands. Our educational model is built atop this foundation. Our professors bring experiential learning into the classroom every day, and program components like the following help us advance and apply this standard of learning in truly remarkable ways.

Corporate Residency

The gold standard for experiential learning is at the heart of our Full-Time MBA: a paid, six-month job at a leading company.


Global Consulting

Not an educational vacation: We take you and your MBA colleagues abroad to work as consultants for a major international company.


Washington, DC

This optional one-week residency gives you the chance to build your networks and see business and politics in action.