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Our MS in Accounting/MBA dual degree program will not only provide you with the knowledge base and skills you need in order to be successful in accounting, it will also provide you with a strong network that will allow you to grow and develop your career post-graduation. Our office will provide you with access to career resources and offer networking opportunities through the program, such as the ability to connect with potential employers.

Specific Support For MS in Accounting/MBA Students

Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Professional Accounting offers you, the students and alumni of our graduate accounting programs, a solid pathway to expand your connections and identify new career opportunities. In short, we help you create a powerful and valuable network that stays with you throughout your entire career.

The Application Interview

In fact, our involvement in your success begins before you become a student. As a component of your application review, you will interview with one of our partner firms. We will coordinate the interview and communicate with you along the application journey.

The Internship

The Internship is the central component of the MS in Accounting/MBA program, and our staff works hard to ensure it remains a superior experience for students and employers alike. You will complete a three-month internship in the spring—during the industry’s busiest season of the year. This provides you with an opportunity to apply what you have learned in class while gaining valuable experience. Our staff coordinate the internship interviews and will work diligently with you to find your perfect corporate fit.

Alumni Panels

Because our program is so instrumental in transforming the lives of our students, our alumni choose to actively engage with you and authentically share their stories and insights. Panel topics typically include deciding whether audit or tax will be the fight focus for you, as well as what to expect on the job as an intern.

Professionalism Workshop

The Professionalism Workshop provides students with best practices for professional interactions including networking, attire, communications, social media, interviewing, and building a personal brand.


MS in Accounting/MBA Internship Process

MS in Accounting/MBA Internship Process





Internship Placement Rate

The Class of 2018 posted a full 100% internship placement rate for the MSA/MBA program.


Full-time Job Offer Rate for Recent GRADUATES

Over the past 4 years, 100% of graduates have accepted full time job offers.