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MS in Accounting/MBA Class Profile

Meet Your Future Classmates Your classmates are the foundation of your network. They will share your experience and understand your ambitions. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, your classmates' diversity will elevate your learning and help you grow. Together, you will engage in a real-world business education designed for ambitious professionals.

Class Composition
Women 39%
Men 61%
Ethnic Diversity 17% Asian
20% Black/African-American
63% White
Average Work Experience 3 years
Undergraduate GMAT (mean) 550
Average GPA 3.24


Undergraduate Degrees Held

36% Arts/Social Sciences

26% Economics

20% Finance/Business Management

12% Natural Sciences

6% Engineering



Students from 8 Countries

Belgium, China, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Nepal, United States

What would you say to a prospective student considering D’Amore-McKim?

This is a phenomenal way to get a top-notch accelerated education in both professional accounting and general business. The way the MSA/MBA program is structured allows someone without any accounting experience to gain the skills needed to launch a career in professional accounting. However, it goes beyond that and combines it with additional business courses to ensure each student gets a well-rounded education.”

Kirby Sundquist, MSA/MBA ‘16

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Is the MS in Accounting/MBA Right for You?

If you are ready to transform your future and acquire tangible transferable skills that position you as a valued accounting and business advisor, then yes. If you are ready to launch a new career in accounting and prepare to work at a top tier accounting firm, then yes. Join a cohort of committed students from diverse backgrounds with a common goal. Now is the time to accelerate your career with our MS in Accounting/MBA program.

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