Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Thinking about an MBA? Looking to enhance your business skills? Need a change?

The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration provides a unique opportunity to tailor a course of study that best meets your specific needs. The program consists of completing four or five courses selected from regularly scheduled courses within Northeastern's MBA program. You may opt for a Customized Track through which you design your own course of study to meet your particular needs, an Part Time MBA Track, or one of the following Specialized Tracks.

Credits earned on all tracks can be applied towards a Part Time MBA.

Accelerated learning, rapid advancement

The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration can be completed in as few as 8 months. Each course offers a rigorous and challenging learning experience that prepares professionals to assume higher levels of responsibility in a broad variety of work environments, from dynamic, entrepreneurial start ups to large, multi-national organizations. 

Application Deadlines

Students can begin the program in any of three entry terms September (Fall), January (Spring) or May (Summer). 

Start Semester

Application Deadline

 January (Spring)

 December 13 

 May (Summer) 

 April 15

 September (Fall)

 August 15 

Admissions Criteria

Participants must have completed a Bachelor’s degree and have a minimum of three years work experience.  For more information, contact Hillary Dostal at or (617) 373-3282. 

Customized Track

You have the option to expand the breadth of their skills and knowledge by selecting courses from any - or all - of the five core business disciplines, creating a learning experience that is uniquely tailored to your professional needs. For a view of all the courses available to you, please email us at or call (617) 373-3282.

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Part Time MBA Track

This track is specifically designed for professionals who may be interested in pursuing a Master of Business Administration upon completion of their certificate. If you successfully complete the program and meet the minimum requirements, you may be eligible to have your GMAT/GRE requirement waived for admission into our Part Time MBA program. To be eligible for a GMAT/GRE waiver, you must complete the required graduate business courses listed above with a B or better in each (for a total of 15 credits) and earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.30.

  ACCT 6200 Financial Reporting and Managerial Decision Making 1 
  ACCT 6201 Financial Reporting and Managerial Decision Making 2
  HRMG 6200 Managing People and Organizations
  MGSC 6200 Information Analysis 
  MGSC 6204 Managing Information Resources 
  FINA 6200 Value Creation through Financial Decision Making

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Specialized Tracks 

Foundations of Accounting and Finance

   ACCT 6200 Financial Reporting & Decision Making 1 
   ACCT 6201 Financial Reporting & Decision Making 2
   MGSC 6200 Information Analysis 
   FINA 6200 Value Creation through Financial Decision Making 
Elective (Select 1)            
  FINA 6203 Investment Analysis 
  FINA 6204 International Finance Management 
  FINA 6205 Financial Strategy
  FINA 6211 Financial Risk Management 
  FINA 6212 Fixed Income Securities and Risk
  FINA 6213 Investment Banking 
  FINA 6214 Mergers and Acquisitions 
  FINA 6215 Business Turnarounds 
  FINA 6216 Valuation and Value Creation 
  FINA 6217 Real Estate Finance and Investment 
  FINA 6218 Personal Financial Planning 
  FINA 6219 Portfolio Management 
  FINA 6221 Entrepreneurial Finance 
  FINA 6222 Risk Management and Insurance 
  FINA 6260 Advanced Topics in Finance: Venture Capital 

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  ENTR 6200 Enterprise Growth and Innovation
  ENTR 6212 New Venture Creation  
Electives (Select 2 or 3)  
  ENTR 6210 Management of Small Business Enterprises 
  ENTR 6214 Social Entrepreneurship
  ENTR 6220 Family Business Leadership and Governance 
  ENTR 6250 Technology-Based Product Development Process and Organization
  FINA 6260 Advanced Topics in Finance: Venture Capital (Pre-req FINA 6200) 

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Leadership and Change

  HRMG 6200 Managing People and Organizations
Electives (Select 3 or 4)   
  HRMG 6212 Creating an Innovative Organization
  HRMG 6213 Leadership
  HRMG 6218 Great Companies
  MGMT 6214 Negotiations 

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 International Business 

  INTB 6200 Managing the Global Enterprise
 Electives (Select 3 or 4)  
  FINA 6204 International Finance Management (Pre-req FINA 6200) 
  INTB 6212 Cultural Aspects of International Business
  INTB 6224 Competing to Win in Emerging Markets 
  INTB 6226 Becoming a Global Leader 
  MECN 6200 Global Competition and Market Dominance 
  MKTG 6212 International Marketing (Pre-req MKTG 6200) 

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  MKTG 6200 Creating and Sustaining Customer Markets 
Electives (Select 2 or 3)
  MKTG 6210 Marketing Research (Pre-req MGSC 6200)
  MKTG 6216 Market Focused Strategy 
  MKTG 6218 Marketing in the Service Sector
  MKTG 6222 Digital Marketing 
  MKTG 6223 Brand and Advertising Management
  MKTG 6224 B2B and Strategic Sales
  MKTG 6226 Consumer Behavior

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Quick Facts

  • Begin the Graduate Certificate in fall (Sept), spring (Jan), or summer (May).
  • To earn the certificate, you must complete 4 or 5 graduate business courses and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.
  • Graduate credit earned through this program may be applied towards other degree programs within School of Business.
  • The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – Part Time MBA Track takes a minimum of three semesters (12 months) to complete.

Click here to access the online application or to make an appointment to talk to an academic adviser, please contact