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Graduate Certificate in Investments

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Explore cutting-edge financial theory and quantitative tools that drive today’s global financial market.


Build Your Financial Acumen

Invest in your career by learning more about how our curriculum can strengthen your knowledge in investments.

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Sharpen Your Insight Into How Businesses Succeed Investment skills are the foundation of any successful business venture. Individuals with the knowledge and experience to make informed investment decisions are highly valued contributors in businesses across the globe.

For those already in the banking or investments industries, but looking to enter a role with more decision making responsibilities, our Graduate Certificate in Investments will help you toward that career goal. Our specialized curriculum is focused on precisely your area of interest.

This program prepares you for roles where you will manage other people’s money. With a deep classroom emphasis on reporting, analysis, tracking results, communicating with clients, and monitoring changes in the market, you will learn from respected practitioners with field expertise, real experience in portfolio management, and strong connections to the field.

Meet Our Students and Alumni

Just-in-time Learning video
Just-in-time Learning
Earn 'Stackable' Credentials video thumbnail
Earn 'Stackable' Credentials
Being a Graduate Student in Boston video
Being a Graduate Student in Boston

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September 07, 2018

Part-Time MBA Webinar: Ask A Student

Join us for a live webinar to hear an interview with a current student to learn how the D'Amore-McKim Part-Time MBA program can both fit into your life and prepare you for new career opportunities.