Class Profile

Meet Your Future Classmates The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration attracts high-achieving professionals and lifelong learners. We have welcomed students from all over the world, from many different academic and professional paths. Your diversity adds invaluable perspective to the learning experience.

Meet the students of 2016!

Class Profile
Women 54%
Men 46%
Average Age 28.3
Average Years of Work Experience 2.1
Students born outside the US 41%




9+ Industries Represented

40% Media/Consumer Products/Other

22% Non-profit

14% Financial Services

24% Technology, Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology, Manufacturing




31 international students

22 Nations Represented

Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Greece, Iceland, India Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States, Vietnam, Zimbabwe


What would you say to a colleague considering enrolling in the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program?

Madeleine Eames"Go for it! You will meet interesting people, gain access to valuable resources, and build upon your foundational knowledge of the business world. The GCBA program is bound to lead you to exciting, new opportunities. It did for me!”

Madeleine Eames, 2016 alum of the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program


If you are a seasoned professional ready to take your next step, the answer is yes. If you are eager to learn at a top American university, the answer is yes. If you have valuable, international perspective to contribute to our vibrant learning community, we want you to join us. Now is the time to kick-start your career.

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