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Are you ready to study in Charlotte, NC? Northeastern University’s Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is a hybrid, 8-month program tailored to meet the needs of motivated professionals. This option is perfect for professionals living in the Charlotte area who have the drive to transform their career potential quickly.

Position yourself for career advancement or a whole new career. Our Graduate Certificate of Business Administration is designed to help you develop and refine in-demand skills needed in today’s workplace.

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Join D’Amore-McKim’s talented, ambitious student body from a variety of cutting-edge industries. As a member of this dynamic community, you will learn from each other’s experience and perspective, connect to a growing network in Charlotte, and link to students across the world. The opportunities are endless—with over 235,000 Northeastern alumni and current students representing countries around the globe, and over 3300 corporate partners, you will create deep bonds among your peers and professors.

Cheryl Richards

“Charlotte has long been recognized as one of the top U.S. markets for Financial Services and today, the Queen City is quickly becoming a destination hub for FinTech, an emerging industry sitting at the intersection of traditional financial services and entrepreneurs who are creating new innovative technologies. That’s the power of the Northeastern network—in Charlotte and across the globe.”

Cheryl Richards, Regional Dean & CEO
Charlotte Graduate Campus

Your certificate will be offered in a hybrid format—this means that your courses will be held both on-campus and online. Four core courses are offered during the evening on Charlotte’s campus so that working professionals may attend, and an optional fifth course is offered online. Through these courses, you will sharpen your existing professional skills, deepen your understanding of business best practice, and find entrepreneurial inspiration.

Northeastern University and the D’Amore-McKim School of Business are renowned for expertise in experiential learning. Your classroom projects can be tailored to your companies and industries of interest while dynamic discussions, led by instructors and guest lecturers who are leaders in their industries, revolve around current business situations. You will learn from faculty that value diversity of background and experience, welcoming your perspective in classroom debate. You’ll find an environment that rewards your lifetime of curiosity and ambition.

Northeastern University and Charlotte each have momentum on their side—Northeastern in higher education, and Charlotte in the world of global business and economic development. Home to industry leaders such as Duke Energy, Bank of America, UTC Aerospace Systems, and Carolinas Healthcare System, Charlotte has become a hub for finance, healthcare, technology, business, manufacturing, and research and development. Our program is aligned with the needs of the region’s employers and equip students with the skills required to advance in today’s global economy.

Bring your ambition to Charlotte. A Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is an opportunity to take control of your career growth. Let us help you develop your potential and career growth.

Program Details

The 8-month hybrid program in Charlotte follows a set, four- or five-course curriculum. The four core courses are required of all students, with a fifth optional online course.

Class Descriptions Details

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTR 6200)

This course explores the role of technology in developing a new business. You will learn about technology strategy, product development, and organization design. Through readings, case studies, and exercises, you will learn how to best leverage technologies and skills. You will also learn how to plan, finance, and organize a new business.

3 Credits


Managing People and Organizations (HRMG 6200)

This course focuses on human resource management. To manage an organization effectively, you must understand common organizational problems and be able to influence behavior. This course emphasizes corporate culture and leadership structure. You will examine specific human management challenges, like managing teams that do not all work in the same physical location.

3 Credits


Financial Reporting and Managerial Decision Making 1 (ACCT 6200)

Business managers make strategic decisions about how to acquire and use resources like information, time, and money. This course focuses on gathering, measuring, and managing these business resources. This course will help you to understand corporate financial reports and make better business decisions. You will also learn methods of financial reporting and analysis.

3 Credits


Managing the Global Enterprise (INTB 6200)

This course focuses on the international business environment. You’ll study factors that influence global business, like economy and trade issues, legal and political context, cultural and ethical differences, and exchange rates. This course includes discussion of international organizations and agreements, like the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, NAFTA, and Mercosur. You will analyze why companies may decide to expand into international markets, and the strategies they use to do so.

3 Credits


Creating and Sustaining Market Strategies (MKTG 6200)

This course focuses on marketing analysis and planning. You will discuss customer needs, company needs, and competitor capabilities. Understanding these issues is the basis for a good marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to develop and implement an integrated marketing strategy that covers product offerings, pricing, promotion, and distribution.

3 Credits



Looking for an even quicker option?

If you are looking to complete your Graduate Certificate in Business Administration in less time, you may choose to consider the Accelerated 4-Month Curriculum option in Boston. Open to both domestic and international students, this program allows you to complete 12 credits of your choosing over the course of one semester. Learn more here.

Looking for more flexibility in your classes?

If you would like more flexibility in the classes you take as a part of your Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, you may choose to consider the Build Your Own Curriculum option in Boston. Open to both domestic and international students, this program allows you to complete 15 credits of your choosing over the course of 8 months. Learn more here.


If you are a seasoned professional ready to take your next step, the answer is yes. If you are eager to study at a top American university, the answer is yes. If you have valuable international perspective to contribute to our vibrant learning community, we want you to join us. Now is the time to advance your career.

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