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No one knows your professional aspirations better than you. D’Amore-McKim’s Build Your Own curriculum is your opportunity to make them a reality. The option to design your own curriculum allows maximum flexibility in your course selection and pacing.

Set your goals. Follow your passions—at your own pace.

Ken Tan

“After working for a few years, all my problems seem like walls that you have to get around. With new perspective and knowing that other industries also encounter these problems, I feel more empowered to take down these walls instead.”
Ken Tan

Your situation is changing. You want to follow a new career path, earn a promotion, or start out on your own business venture—but first you need a particular set of skills, and you need them now.

You have responsibilities and demands on your time, both personal and professional. You want a program that includes only the content you need and won’t require you to put the rest of your life on hold. If you choose the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration’s Build Your Own Curriculum, you’ll find the flexibility you need. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to get the specific skills you need to advance your career.

Follow your interests. You can take a deep dive into a specific area of interest by enrolling in five closely-related classes, or enroll in an eclectic mix of courses covering a broader range of topics.

Busy during the workday? Not a problem. Take courses in the evenings, on the weekend, and online.

Go fast, or take it slow. Take several courses in a semester, and wrap up the program in as little as eight months. Or take your time, and spread out your course load over as long as three years.

Build towards something bigger. A Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is an impressive standalone credential. At D’Amore-McKim, it can also be a stepping stone on your way to a full master’s degree. If you’re interested in earning a higher degree, you may apply the credits you earn during your certificate program to eligible Northeastern degree programs—now, or in the future.

The decisions are yours. You know what you need—and we’re here to help.

Program Details

Select any 15 credits from our Part-Time MBA course offerings. Available courses vary by semester, but there is never a shortage of exciting options.

Perhaps you’d be interested in delving into Managing People and Organizations (HRMG 6200)? This course examines today’s evolving environment, in which effective utilization of human resources is a source of competitive advantage. Topics include management of cross-functional teams and boundaryless organizations. This course emphasizes the role of corporate culture and distributed leadership.

Or if quantitative metrics are more your style, you may be interested in Information Analysis (MGSC 6200). This course covers basic information analysis skills and tools needed to manage effectively in today’s information-intensive business climate. You’ll be exposed to analytical problems and the quantitative analysis techniques. Over the course of your semester, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your analysis skills, develop a working knowledge of important statistical tools, become a more critical evaluator of studies and reports involving statistical and quantitative methods, and hone your ability to communicate the results of analyses.

If you are a globe-trotting professional (or aspire to become one), Managing the Global Enterprise (INTB 6200) may be the course for you. This course focuses on the international business environment, examining the influence of economy and trade issues, legal and political contexts, cultural and ethical systems, and international currency markets. You’ll also discuss the impact of international institutions like the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund, and regional agreements like the European Union, NAFTA, and Mercosur.

Whatever your interests, the Build Your Own Curriculum allows you to select the courses that fit your needs and will help you reach your professional goals. This is education at its most customizable.

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Accounting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Entrepreneurship Technological
Finance & Insurance
Human Resources Management
International Business
Managerial Economics
Supply Chain Management
Note: Courses listed above are all offered this academic year, however not all courses will be offered each term. Some courses have pre-requisite courses that must be completed prior to enrollment.

Looking for an even quicker option?

If you are looking to complete your Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at an even faster pace, you may choose to consider the Accelerated 4-Month Curriculum option. Open to both domestic and international students, this program allows you to complete 12 credits of your choosing over the course of one semester. Learn more here.


If you are a seasoned professional ready to take your next step, the answer is yes. If you are eager to study at a top American university, the answer is yes. If you have valuable international perspective to contribute to our vibrant learning community, we want you to join us. Now is the time to advance your career.

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