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Will Snapchat's IPO flourish like Facebook's or tumble like Twitter's?

The popular social media platform Snap Inc., parent company of Snapchat, recently went public, selling 200 million shares resulting in a $3.4 billion net gain. Since going public, stock in the company has fallen, leading some to question its long-term viability. D’Amore-McKim assistant professor Kuncheng Zheng weighs in on the change and Snapchat’s future.

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Business schools deliver lifelong education

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business’ innovative unbundling efforts are featured in BizEd magazine’s recent issue that examines the demands for flexible, specialized life-long learning opportunities in graduate business education. Dean Hugh Courtney is quoted on the importance of providing knowledge that students need, when they need it.

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Restructure or reconfigure?

Samina Karim co-authored a piece highlighting her research on companies deciding between reconfiguring or restructuring based on changing market conditions for Harvard Business Review.

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Brand identity, Trump boycotts, and social media backlash

The Trump presidency has already brought many changes to the United States, including the business sector. Many businesses are faced with a new choice in this political climate, to carry products developed by Trump and his family, or discontinue them. D’Amore-McKim associate professors Yakov Bart and Parker Ellen weigh in on social media backlash, boycotts and strategies to handle them.

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