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How to land an internship that doesn’t exist yet

Banco Bradesco of Brazil was looking for innovative ways to attract Millennials. Matheus Dos Santos, DMSB’19, was looking for internship experience in the finance industry. Now, Dos Santos interns for Bradesco, having pitched and accepted a position on their team.

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Meet the faculty cadre of marshals

Jeffery Born has volunteered at graduation ceremonies for the past 20 years as Northeastern University’s chief marshal, a member of the cadre of marshals – a group of 19 faculty members from across the university that help organize Commencement and other major events.

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The evolution of conflict resolution

Recently published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Assistant Professor Christoph Riedl’s latest research examines a model that might explain how humans resolve conflict, and what these actions say about biological and social behavior, both now and into the future.

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