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Immersive experiences set MSA/MBA students apart

After 11 months in the Graduate School of Professional Accounting program, 97 percent of 2016 graduates have been offered permanent positions at leading professional accounting firms, when just over a year ago, they had little to no experience in the accounting field.

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Northeastern student creates 'next generation' sports drink

When Lamar Letts, DMSB’17, experienced a life-changing medical condition in high school he decided to make a change in both his health and the health of athletes everywhere with the creation of Hylux, a sports drink fusion of vitamins, electrolytes and less sugar than its major competitors.

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Dan Gregory (center), faculty advisor for IDEA, with Mosaic student leaders Ben Bungert, Annika Morgan, Karlo Delos Reyes, Laura Benedict, Arjun Balaji, Mina Iskarous, Tammy Eydelman, Ebryonna Wiggins, Luke Van Seters, and Ryan Ma

Building businesses piece by piece

Mosaic, a hybrid, collaborative alliance between a range of majors and schools at Northeastern University, continues to grow thanks to student dedication and interest in the entrepreneurial sector.

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Synergy Is Our Story

World-class academics. Meaningful business experience. Bring these two elements together and you have a unique model of business education that is at our very core. This is the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.

Full-Time MBA at D’Amore-McKim

The Full-Time MBA at D’Amore-McKim will inspire and transform you. It’s driven by our unique model of education, an approach that fuses world-class academics with meaningful business experience. After preparing you with a full year of rigorous curriculum focused on core business skills, you will begin your Corporate Residency; a six-month program where you become fully immersed as a valuable contributor to one of the nation’s leading companies.

Morgan’s Corporate Finance Corporate Residency

Working as a Financial Analyst Corporate Resident at IBM, Morgan benefitted from the support of a network of D’Amore-McKim graduates at the company. With the mentorship of the Vice President and Controller, another D’Amore-McKim alumnus, Morgan’s Corporate Residency provided her with the proven skills and insight to pursue a career at IBM.

Tom’s Supply Chain Management Corporate Residency

The journey of uncertainty to certainty. That’s how Tom describes his Corporate Residency, knowing it gave him a powerful combination of skills and confidence to gain a clearer direction in his career. During his time as a Corporate Resident with Lindt & Sprüngli, Tom built his expertise to catapult his career by applying insights and strategies that he learned in the D’Amore-McKim classroom.

The Advantage in Healthcare

D’Amore-McKim gives you a true advantage in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare field. With our two-year Full-Time MBA Healthcare Management Track, you gain the industry insight and expertise along with business acumen to truly make a difference. Matt Butler, MBA ’16 shares how the Corporate Residency takes you even further, giving you the experience, confidence, and valuable connections that make you stand out in the marketplace.

D'Amore-McKim School of Business - Synergy is our story
The Full-Time MBA at D’Amore-McKim will inspire and transform you.
The D’Amore-McKim Difference - Morgan's Corporate Residency at IBM
Tom Kniola's Corporate Residency at Lindt and Sprungli
D'Amore-McKim's Advantage in Healthcare


Leaders At Work:

The underappreciated role of medical assistants

In the following post, D’Amore-McKim School of Business Associate Professor Timothy Hoff discusses the increasingly important role of medical assistants and why we should pay more attention to how they impact the healthcare industry. From Modern Healthcare The new heroes of American healthcare do not have medical degrees. Many have only high school diplomas and perform Read more... The post . . .

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Career Center - "Get to work: A job search and career insights blog" :

2016 Networking Tips #4

You’ve read that networking is critical to your career and job search success and that information interviews are a valuable way to build your network.  So take a deep breath and commit to starting the process.  It is not as … Continue reading →

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